Saturday, 1 July 2017

Medicinal Plant-4

Aristolochaia bracteolata


Aristolochaia bracteolata is a extensively in the traditional Chinese medicine. It is evergreen, deciduous woody vines and herbaceous perennials herb. Leave are simple,alternative, cordite dark purple color.Flowers greenish white,auxiliary cymes, fruits rounded,oblong with numerous winged compressed seeds .

Traditionally very important plant in indigenous system of medicine. It is used to  as a gastric stimulant, anti-cancer, anti-lung inflammatory, anti-dysentery, anti-snakebites, anti-pyretic, purgative,  anti-fungal, anti--bacterial, anti-ulcer, ant and gonorrhea, anti-plasmodial. 

Ethanomedicaly to used  leprosy, allergic disorder, worms, fever, mosquito repellent, amenorrohea, eczema and emmenagogue.

Pharmacological activities: Anti-pyretic, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritis, anti-ulcer, anti-bacterial,anti-fungal, anti-plasmodial, anti-angiogenesis, anti-implantation, anti-oxidants, and abortifacianti.

Phytochemical constituents: Aristolochi acid, stearic, lignoceric, cerotic, oleic, linoleic, plmitic, amides, biphenyle ethers, coumarins, tetralones and benzenoids. 

Aristolochi acid is a chief active principles compound of the drug. It is bitter and optically inactive compound, acts as an anti-feedant, male sterilant some insects and toxic to house flies.

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