Sunday, 2 July 2017

Powerful Anti-cancer Medicinal Plant

Plumbago zeylanica


It is a powerful anti-cancer plant particularly prostate cancer. In Ayurveda system of medicine described for significant on anti-cancer,anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory action.

The popular name is  Leadwort, several names in different parts of world:
     Zahnakraut...     German
      Sanza......          Swahili
        Mosikomabe... Tawana
     Ensain...           Arabia
 Chitra...           India

Plumbago zeylanica is a perinial dicot herb, simple, alternate, ovate leaves.Terminal raceme-type inflorescence with white color flowers, fruits oblong,five-furrowed capsules with single seed.

Roots are mainly important and potential  therapeutic properties  of the plant parts.They are straight, smooth,branched, light-yellow when fresh and become reddish-brown on drying and strong odour with acrid and bitter taste

Plumbago zeylanica consisted  several diversified compounds like alkolids, tannins, phenolic and sterids.
Pubmabgin is the principle active yellow compound and a wide range of medicinal properties.

Traditionally, Ethanopharamacologicaly and Pharmacologicaly used to like  anti-fertility anti-estrogen, anti-arthritis, anti-inflammatory activities and kill to interstinal parasites.

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